Personal Loans: Who are Revised and Minimum Requirements?

If you are considering a new purchase, the car, the motorbike, the camper or a holiday, Isocredit helps you realize your dreams. Personal loans up to € 30,000 even to bad payers reported in end-to-end knowledge company, experian or ctc, protested or foreclosed (as long as employees hired on permanent contracts or retired ). Amortization schedule up to 120 months.

Personal loans are loans aimed at:

Personal loans are loans aimed at:

  • Public Employees
  • State employees
  • Private Employees 
  • Retirees

To apply for personal loans, the basic requirement is not be reported as bad payers, and therefore have never had delays in payments of previous personal loans or other financial products, and not to be protested.

In these cases it will be possible to proceed only if employee or retiree through the personal loan assignment of the fifth and / or delegation of payment.

It is important in personal loans not to require too much money, especially when you are on the first loan. In case you need an important sum, or anyway when you are on the first loan, it is always better, when requesting personal loans, to provide the signature of a guarantor who has already had personal loans in the past or in progress always paid well.

When applying for personal loans for the first time without providing a guarantor, financial institutions tend not to grant sums of more than € 10,000 on the basis of the applicant’s profile.

Providing a guarantor, however, you can also request higher amounts, even if it is the first request.

If you do not have a guarantor, then, you should request a lower loan, and after paying a few installments, request a consolidation plus liquidity to obtain another. In any case, the signature of a good guarantor increases the score of loan applications.